Local Movers Offer Custom Plans and Packing Services

Local MoversAt J Barber Moving & Storage we understand that moving can be stressful, even if you are only moving a short distance. Whether you are comparing local companies, or deciding whether or not you want to hire a Fredericksburg, VA moving company, we hope we can show you why our team of moving professionals is the best in the business.

Custom Moving Plans

First, our local movers start with a customized relocation plan. This plan helps us understand your needs and go over all of the small details. By adhering to a moving plan, we offer our customers an extra level of attention to detail that allows us to offer the best moving services possible.

Professional Moving Supplies

When the day of the move arrives, our team of local movers not only arrives to pack your belongings, but also bring along professional moving supplies to help ensure the safety and security of all of your precious belongings. Unlike other movers, we feel we take an extra precaution to use only the best moving boxes, tapes, packing foam and other supplies to keep your valuables safe and sound. Take the hassle and worry out of packing by letting our professionals pack for you.

Care and Respect for Your Belongings

Finally, what sets J Barber Moving & Storage apart from the competition is our upmost care and respect for all of your personal belongings. We know it is important that all of your possessions are treated with careful attention, even if we are only moving them around the block. To learn more about our team of local movers, call us at 888-667-1803.