Moving Boxes & Supplies in Fredericksburg

Moving Supplies

When relocating, keeping your property protected is crucial. At J. Barber Moving & Storage, we provide some of the best moving boxes and moving supplies in the industry. No matter the size of your move, we’re sure to have the products you need to protect your belongings.

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Moving Supplies

Our team is proud to provide local Fredericksburg residents with quality products to safely and securely pack and move their belongings. Many people opt to ship their belongings instead of going through the process of hauling their belongings when moving long-distance. Large items such as furniture can be expertly packed using our packing services, and our moving supplies ensure that each item arrives in perfect condition.

Tips for Packing Your Moving Boxes

  • Use new moving boxes with an ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating and pack each accordingly.
  • Use designated plastic bags to cover mattresses and box springs.
  • Plan your packing ahead of time to make efficient use of all the box space.
  • Use dark, permanent shipping markers to label each of your moving boxes.
  • Apply packing tape to the tops and bottoms of all moving boxes, especially if heavy objects are inside.
  • Packing peanuts should be used to cushion delicate or fragile items inside your moving boxes.

To get moving supplies or moving boxes for your next relocation, contact J. Barber Moving & Storage today at 888-667-1803.