Shipping Services in Fredericksburg, VA

Shipping ServicesIn and around Northern Virginia, it can be hard to find a shipping company that lives up to all your expectations. But at J. Barber Moving & Storage, Inc., we’ve shown that time and again, we can fulfill our clients’ demands and provide shipping services that exceed expectations.

Shipping Your Packages Worldwide

At J. Barber Moving And Storage Inc, conscientiousness and caution is the rule, not the exception. Our shipping services employees take extra care to scrutinize the details of your shipping destination and your preferred methods of shipping.

Our shipping company was founded on three very important tenets:

  1. Package tightly, and package well
  2. Handle cautiously, as if every package has fragile contents
  3. Imagine the client is right there watching our shipping services

Our Other Moving Services

Whether your shipment is large or small, you can trust J. Barber Moving And Storage Inc to ship it with the utmost of care. Contact us today and ask about our shipping services. Call 888-667-1803.