Local Movers Serving the Fredericksburg Area

Local MoversJ. Barber Moving & Storage is proud to provide local movers to the Fredericksburg area. Unlike most moving companies, we provide an array of moving services. Whether you’re moving into a new home or to a new apartment, our local moving company is second to none when it comes to service.

Our Other Residential Moving Options

Planning with a Local Mover

Before we arrive to help you move, we always take the time to design a customized relocation plan. Our local movers will offer you our various options, and then we can tailor your move to meet your exact specifications. Unlike other local moving companies, no matter how much property you need moved, and no matter when you need it moved, we can help you make your move easy.

When you partner with J. Barber Moving and Storage, our local movers take care of everything so you can focus on other aspects of your move. Our team will show up on time for your move, securely pack your belongings with our professional packing supplies, transport your belongings to your new residence, and carefully unpack for you. Everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry.

Tips from Our Intrastate Movers

Before you pack up and go, make sure you’ve done the following to make your local move as seamless as possible:

  • Change your mailing address before your move.
  • Turn off old utilities and turn on new ones.
  • Separate belongings into categories.
  • If you pack any boxes, label them.
  • Place heavy objects at the bottoms of your boxes.
  • Make a list of all belongings you need moved.
  • Take pictures of wiring setups for electronics before disassembling.

To get started on your intrastate move with local movers who care, contact J. Barber Moving & Storage today at 888-667-1803.