Boat Storage Services in Fredericksburg, VA

No mater what type or size of boat, it pays to protect your investment all year long by using J. Barber for boat storage. We provide secure locations and utilize the latest in storage security technology to ensure that our customers can easily and quickly station their boats at any of our convenient locations. You can also easily retrieve or access your boat from our storage when you’re ready to hit the water.

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Protecting Your Investment

It’s important to remember that boats require a great deal of protection throughout the year in order to remain seaworthy. Left out in the elements, many boats may begin to decay, corrode, rust, and develop other foundation hazards. That’s why boat storage is so important to taking proper care of your boat.

Don’t let your boat become subject to violent waters and potentially hazardous weather conditions. When you need boat storage, J. Barber Moving & Storage can assure excellent protection for your vessel so that you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

Our Boat Storage Facilities

Each of our specialized moving storage facilities, including our boat storage facilities, is kept under watch by advanced security enforcement systems. We even offer climate-controlled indoor spaces for customers who need to ensure that their boats are protected from extreme temperatures. Additionally, our boat storage facilities allow you have 24-hour access to your vessel to make repairs, maintain your craft, or retrieve belongings.

Boat Storage Tips

  • Make sure your boat is properly covered while in storage.
  • Before storing your boat, make sure to clean and wax it.
  • Avoid storing your boat in water.
  • Clear all fluids, including combustibles, before storing your vessel.
  • Remove any water from decks, interior spaces, and pumps prior to storage.

If you need secure boat storage, contact us online to learn more. You can also call us at 888-667-1803.