Freight Shipping Services in Fredericksburg

Freight ShippingWhen you need cargo shipped fast and accurately, you need the freight shipping services of J. Barber Moving & Storage. Our team utilizes the latest in processing and tracking technology to ensure that your items find their destination with no delay, and our team of freight specialists is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any needs or changes. Our goal is to help you deliver more shipments to more people at an affordable price.

Our Other Commercial Moving Options

Our Frieght Shipping Logistics

Don’t leave your business and its assets to chance. Trust the logistics specialists at J. Barber for the best in freight shipping. Whether you need to ship one crate or thousands of cargo crates, our team can help.

We understand the unique nature of freight shipping and freight transportation requirements, and we can deliver solutions you may not have known existed. Through careful planning, J. Barber can deliver on-time results at a lesser cost than the other guys, and we’ll inventory and track each shipment that comes through our state-of-the-art warehouses.

Our Transport Professionals

Each time we come across a candidate who is willing to put in his or her all to join our team, we take the time to run a thorough background check and drug screen on that candidate. If the candidate passes, we also examine their experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer service before making a hiring decision. These barriers are meant to ensure that J. Barber only employs the absolute best freight shipping and freight transportation professionals in Fredericksburg.

Your business deserves to receive top-quality freight shipping services, so contact us online or call J. Barber Moving & Storage today for a free quote: 888-667-1803.